Questionnaire -
For Functionally
The following brand questionnaire is designed to immerse me in the existing learning and knowledge on Functionally from the team. At this early stage in the business, and with things moving so quickly, I want to take a snapshot of our collective understanding, and synthesize that information into a coherent audit and strategy to help us to use brand as growth tool.
You are vital piece in me successfully achieving this.

On average, people spend anywhere between 20-50 minutes - Thanks so much for taking the time to be involved :)


You have 1 sentence to explain Functionally. Go.
What industry are you in (How do you define it)?
What is the most common question that people ask you about Functionally?
How do you feel about the brand and name? This is anonymous so feel free to be honest?
What do you think is the major benefit that Functionally sells (1 sentence only)?

Company Direction

Where do you think the business is going?
Who would the dream client be? Why?
What current opportunities do you see in the market for us as a brand?

Product & Market

What is the feature / process of Functionally that people get most excited by?
Is there any confusion from outsiders? Can you explain?
What have been your learnings so far in experiencing the product being built and received?
Who do you think our competitors are?

This Process

What do you hope walking through this brand strategy process will deliver for the business and you?
Can you share any ideas you have had for the branding and marketing?
What do you need from the brand? What would help you do your job better?
Do you think Tim should die his hair in Functionally pink for PR purposes?