Questionnaire -
For Dan Coleman.
The following brand questionnaire is designed to get me up to speed with your history, what's important to you and your brand, your current position, and importantly, where you are going.

By answering these questions in a survey format, we can forego unnecessary questions during our workshop and focus heavily on guided strategic conversations.

As a general rule, it requires a coffee and some brain power - People usually take between 1 - 1.5 hours to complete.


Are you set on the name? Are you still happy to function under Dan Coleman?
Will there be other names / entities that you will operate through?
When people ask you what you do, what do you tell them? What's the title you give yourself?
How would you define the industry that you're in?
When asked how you help businesses? Whats the clearest definition in less than 3 sentences?
Why the transition? Why the change?

Company Direction

What ambitions do you have for this business? What does success look like?
What do you want things to look like in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years?
Are there any market conditions that you think will have an impact on you winning more work?
How many new customers / deals / wins (quantify it) do you hope for in the next year?
In what industries do you think youll win customers?
Have there been any ideas around how you think marketing will play a role?

Product & Market

What core problem(s) are you solving for clients?
Who is the brand intended for? What do you need it to achieve?
How have you historically won new work?
If people dont go with you, who do they go with, or what do they do instead?
Can you give me a description of the wrong kind of company for you to work with, and why?

This Process

What do you hope this brand strategy process will deliver for you? What does a successful engagement provide you? How do I win big for you?
What ideas have you had for this branding and marketing exercise? This will help in driving brainstorming an and ideation in workshop.
Where is there opportunity in the market right now?
What most excites and energizes you about this next season for the brand?
Are there internal roadblocks we need to be aware of?