International Brand Strategist, Author & Entrepreneur, helping brands discover their most powerful narrative.

Great brands are innovative ones. They engage a narrative that breaks the box & stands for something. They position themselves creatively & powerfully.

These brands stand out amongst vanilla competitors, & in today's globalized market, this leads to success.

My Book:
Build Great Brands
Written from an internationally awarded process, and featured on the Amazon | Kindle best seller list, Build Great Brands dives into why the most authentic brands succeed and is the perfect guide for any business or startup looking to unlock growth and impact.
My Films:
Thought Leaders Season 1
I filmed conversations with global thought leaders in the USA to discuss their views on the global market, entrepreneurship, innovation and brands. The first season of "Thought Leaders" is an edgy collection of episodes from those innovators and leaders.
I help brands of all sizes identify what success looks like & become more innovative, creative, authentic & results-driven on their path to achieving that success.

Together, we define the most powerful & strategic foundation from which the brand can grow. I then direct some of the world's best creatives to build compelling narratives, deploy branding projects, & lead activation campaigns to bring a brand to life.
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I work with hand selected personalities, companies & startups poised for growth to help engineer their brands to scale & succeed
Brand Positioning
A 30 day analysis of strengths, opportunities and areas for improvement with a roadmap for change.

The development of a strategic brand position and brand story to define the most engaging and authentic version of a brand.
World Class
Creative Direction
Bringing strategic findings to life from inception with creative brand projects and campaigns across traditional and digital channels.

Outcomes achieved by sourcing and directing world-class creative teams to deliver world-class brand outcomes.
Brand Advisor
In Residence
Ongoing strategic advice and brand management as an on-call brand advisor in residence, for brands, personalities and media outlets
"John is transforming the industry and delivering power and wealth back to the people who count; the clients."
Tony Ingram (Editor): Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann & Oxford University Press